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2-level compact cleaner - Under sink
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2-level compact cleaner - Under sink

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Compact drinking water purifier for Mobile-home

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Double filtration of compact drinking water to purify the drinking water coming from the network of the city or a reserve of water of your camper.

This purifier takes up minimal space under your sink while filtering out impurities and harmful substances in the water. It is easy to install, thanks to the accessories provided to connect it to the cold water and to fix it inside the kitchen furniture.
The cartridges are specially manufactured by Aquapro to fit into the tank. No other model can be used. They are very convenient for quick replacement.
The first cartridge filters out impurities greater than 5 microns, such as sand, pollen, rust.
The second cartridge is a 10 micron block carbon, to retain the chlorine that gives a bad taste, pesticides, fluorine and odors.
This purifier is used especially when the drinking water does not contain nitrates and heavy metals. If this is the case, it will be necessary to add an additional filtration step.
The supplied long-range valve is of very good quality, as its mechanism is equipped with a ceramic disc which increases its service life.

To connect to your water pipe, we offer quick couplings with threads adapted to your mobile home.


Material provided :

- Double filtration for drinking water
- Installation kit with self-piercing
- Long-range valve with ceramic disc

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