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Activated carbon cartridge 10 µ Big Blue 250 mm

Reference - PR-APC-1045

Activated carbon cartridge 10 μ Aquapro model for Big Blue

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Only suitable for filter holders Big Blue 10 Inches


Carbon cartridge for filtering bad tastes , odors and chlorine with a filter holder BIG BLUE.

It also holds some pesticides, insecticides, and benzene ...
The filter unit is essential for a high quality water , bright as crystal.

The activated carbon cartridge that is used to filter out impurities with a single or double cleansing . It will hold many different chemicals. Activated carbon is made ​​of natural materials coconut (called Coconut ) to ensure the high quality of drinking water . The fact that this cartridge is block prevents the proliferation of germs and keeping longer its filtering properties.

The water passing through the cartridge runs out of bad taste, odor , insecticides , pesticides, herbicides, chloroformed of Trihalomethanes ...

This cartridge is essential for removing contaminants from water by adsorption and catalytic reduction is due to a process involving the attraction of negative ions of contaminants by positively charged ions of carbon. Organic compounds are removed by adsorption and residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines are removed by catalytic reduction.In addition, activated carbon block filters remove particles around 5 microns, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium , turbidity.


It is preferable to use a sediment cartridge to prolong the life of your carbon filter in eliminating gross contaminants that clog the activated carbon and thereby reduce the area available for adsorption.
Frequency of cartridge replacement : maximum 9000 liters or one year in office.
If you open your first filter holder , you will need a special key Big Blue diproclean.com available


Dimensions of the cartridge :
Length: between 247 and 254 mm ( 9 3/4 "- 10" )
Diameter between 117 and 125 mm
Width of the inner hole : 26 mm

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