10 inch Polyphosphate Cartridge Big
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10 inch Polyphosphate Cartridge Big

Reference - CS-GACBB10P

Anti-limescale cartridge with polyphosphate crystals

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Big 10 inch cartridge with polyphosphates for general home treatment.

This cartridge only fits the 10 inch Big Blue filter holder, just after pre-filtration of impurities between 25 and 5 microns. It is placed before a granulated or block carbon filter. If you have a 10-inch Big-Duo, you will need to place this anti-limescale cartridge in place of the carbon cartridge and add a third big filter.

It will fight against the limestone by preventing it from combining with bicarbonates in order to avoid the formation of tartar.

This system protects the pipes, fittings, showers, washing machines, boilers etc.
The cartridge does not remove lime from the water.

This cartridge is compatible for drinking water. Complies with EU directives 98 / 83CE.
For food industry professionals, in canteens or collective restaurants, decarbonation filtration must be installed in order to avoid scaling in the steam oven or washing machine.

It is suitable for the Big 10 inch filter range.


Uses of the cartridge :
The cartridge protects the heating system, heat exchangers, reverse osmosis units, industrial water distribution systems and all other installations requiring water.
Lifespan: 1 year for approximately 30 to 40 m3 of water used
Maintenance: none
Note: It is good to install sediment filtration, in order to protect the polyphosphate cartridge.


Terms of use :
Maximum temperature 35° C
Maximum hardness for 50° F treatment (500ppm CaCO3)
Notes: Hot water up to 75-80° C can be treated easily, above this temperature the
polyphosphates will no longer work.
Weight : 1900 g
Length : 250mm
Width : 114mm

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