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10 Inch Big Cartridge Corrector pH Rain Water
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10 Inch Big Cartridge Corrector pH Rain Water

Reference - PR-BB-10JURA

Special Big Blue Cartridge for acidic rainwater treatment

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Big cartridge containing Juraperle based on calcium carbonate to raise the pH of the rainwater after storage.

This natural granular media prevents the formation of corrosion in the pipes of the house for consumption. Rainwater always has an acid pH between 6 and 6.8. Acidic water creates stains in the shower, sinks and other household appliances. In addition, it can leave a "metallic" taste during the shower.

Juraperle JW is a granular filtration medium with a purity of 99.1% calcium carbonate. Due to its micro-saline structure, it is superior to ordinary limestone. Juraperle retains its pH-adjusting activity, even after the removal of high concentrations of iron and manganese.
The structure of the very fine Juraperle dissolves slowly during the passage of water.
This cartridge corrects the pH of the water by keeping it between 7 and 7.5 all year long.


Juraperle JW is used :
- CO2 removal and remineralisation of freshwater
- Remineralization of the distillate and the R.O.
- Elimination of iron, manganese and also aluminum


Technical characteristics :
Density: 2.7 g / cm3
Granulometry: 1.2 to 1.8 mm

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