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Filters Big Blue 10 inch

The Big Blue cartridges large diameter equip many water filtration systems for home 10 inches.

They are used in the same way as the filter cartridge 248 mm conventional, except that it is two times larger.

Filters designed for large volumes of water with large drinking water flow.

They are suitable for pressures up to 7 bar since they are installed in an opaque filter housing with entrance to 1 inch. Plastic blue bowl withstands higher pressures the transparent bowl.
One can find several filters one behind the other, to enhance the filtration of a house or technical premises. First, it is necessary to have a sediment cartridge to separate the solid material, and then it's the carbon filter to be used to make water taste better with chlorine.
We propose to fill the empty cartridge with loose filter media, or carbon granules, anti-nitrate resin powder or other filter.
Do not forget to put the 10-inch pleated cartridges to optimize particle filtration, and washed regularly.

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