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Magnetic Anti-Scale WC - Kitchen 3/8 Inch
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Magnetic Anti-Scale WC - Kitchen 3/8 Inch

Reference - SB-MWC14

Magnetic chrome pipe joint 3/8 inch

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The magnetic magnet protects all equipment plugged into the house of 3 /8 inch as the toilet, the kitchen faucet.

It prevents damage limestone during machine use or sanitary.

Powerful magnet 14000 Gauss, is of high quality to protect the formation of tartar.
Simply screw on all pipe 3/8 inch.
It is suitable for flush your toilet, the water supply under the kitchen sink or on a coffee machine.
It is ideal to protect the kitchen faucet with a hose.

The limestone is not filtered , but it is transformed , through the magnetic power , in order not to become embedded in the pipe.

Its lifetime is estimated to be at least 30 years.
The anti- calculus does not need any special maintenance.
His magnet is neodymium, silver gray metal of the rare earth group , ensuring the maximum possible magnetic power .

Dimensions :
Length : 58 mm
Diameter : 27 mm

Magnet antitartar chromed brass ACS and CE certified .

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