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Magnetic scale inhibitor fitting hose 15/21
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Magnetic scale inhibitor fitting hose 15/21

Reference - AMO-30020R

Connection with anti-scale magnet for all water pipes in 15/21

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Anti-scale magnetic connection to be screwed on 15/21 pipes before a filtration system.

This tip has a powerful magnet that greatly reduces the effects of limescale when passing through a water treatment device, such as a sterilizer or a fountain. It thus protects your devices from the formation of tartar which causes a drop in performance.
It is screwed on copper or PVC pipes. It can also be integrated into a jet shower system.

Magnetic power of 14,000 gauss.


Advantages of the 15/21 magnetic connection :
- Limestone does not settle in the pipe after the connection.
- No irritation or itching.
- Keeps the sterilizer quatz clean longer
- Effective for several years.

Made in France to ACS standards.


Tip dimensions :
Overall length : 72 mm
Installed length : 58 mm
Diameter : 32 mm
Inlet diameter : 15/21


Important : In order to guarantee its lifespan, it is advisable to know if you have iron in drinking water. This can reduce the effectiveness of this tip on limestone.

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