Magnetic Anti-Scale Water line 3/4 inch
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Magnetic Anti-Scale Water line 3/4 inch

Reference - AM-SCF34

Ultra powerful magnet for your house

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Anti-scale system to be attached to the water supply of your line to avoid the ravages of limestone.

It has a neodymium magnet for high power 14000 Gauss.

It works on all modern and old pipes, provided it is not magnetic (iron).

This ecological processing without electricity and maintenance-free solves many problems associated with scaling of devices that work with water from the house.

The powerful magnet prevents limescale to the passage of water, but also already embedded on the inside of the pipe.


The magnetic scale inhibitor prolongs the life of the central heating, boilers, reverse osmosis units, ice machines, washing machines, shower heads and other water appliances.


This is the least expensive solution in areas where the water is extremely hard.
Otherwise, there is the solution to install magnetic tips locally on the kitchen faucet in the shower or washing machine. The cost is equivalent to a house of 80 sqm.

As a tenant , the magnetic bits are the only solution, because they can be retrieved during a move.


This equipment 14000 Gauss set designed for a standard residential line. For professional or industrial use, please contact us.


It leaves no particle matter released into the drinking water.

Dimensions :
Length : 180 mm
Body Diameter : 30 mm
Diameter outlet / Inlet  : 3/ 4 inch
Speed ​​supported : 30 liters / minute maximum
Weight: 1.2 kg

Advantages of the magnet :
- Extending the life of fixtures ( water heater, washing machine )
- Less energy
- A water pressure and a water level higher
- More hot water
- No maintenance

Installation of the magnetic system :
It plugs directly into the pipe after the general water meter to the house.
It is advisable to install by a professional.

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