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Anti-Scale Magnetic

Scale inhibitors magnets are an effective solution against limestone in cold or hot water.

The powerful magnetic field causes the crystallization of salts present in the water (calcium, magnesium ...).

It transforms into aragonite, which prevents them from embedding into tartar.

With our magnetic products, there is no electrical connection, so no pollution, no change in the mineral structure of the water, it does not alter the taste of the water and it can be used in hot water as in cold water.
There are different magnetic systems for local treatment (no water, extra hot water ...).
We offer two types of magnets, or ferrite or neodymium with a capacity of 14,000 Gauss.
In general, it is necessary to protect the space of the shower, the kitchen, household appliances such as washing machine.
Each magnetic system is adapted to the needs of tenants or homeowners.

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