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Mobile-Home filtration

The filtration of drinking water to supply his tiny house must be safe.

More and more people want to settle in a small house on wheels to no longer depend on the annual charges for an apartment. The Tiny-house offers the advantage of being able to move on a trailer and one can live independently for drinking water for the toilet and drink and also electricity. It is possible to get water from a terminal to fill a tank of several liters. Before, you have to go through different filters for impurities and for harmful substances.

You will be able to achieve your ideal filter system with 5 steps to make water usable.

In some cases, we want to pump water directly into a river, a lake or even recover rainwater so as not to depend on communal water points. It is necessary to choose the cartridges carefully, in order to eliminate as many pesticides as possible, but especially bacteria, viruses and fecal coliforms.