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Should a station be used to treat fresh water from the tank in the motorhome?



Traveling by motorhome has become a comfortable and flexible way to discover our country, France or to cross Europe in search of new encounters.
Many companies have been renting motorhomes and vans for several years to introduce beginners to this very particular way of life which is halfway between tent camping and budget hotels. This requires organization both for food and for the water needs of the whole family: shower, laundry, food preparation and drinks. The question we ask ourselves is the quality of water on board our travel vehicle.


How to fill up your motorhome with water?

It is extremely easy to use a hose to fill the tank of your motorhome with water, but it is prudent to follow a few rules to avoid introducing large impurities, which most often carry bacteria. It is necessary to have, already, on board the motorhome, a pipe always perfectly clean and several different nozzles. There is often a hose on the campsite that you can use, but how can you know if people before have not used it to flush the toilet tank, a single bacterium is enough to make you sick...
Keeping a drinking water tank always clean is the guarantee of not allowing bacteria to develop, which is why a 5-inch pre-filter with a 1-micron cartridge will reduce any risk.


Where can you fill the drinking water in your motorhome?

In France, you can fill up with drinking water at all service stations, whether on the highway or on the outskirts of towns. In public gardens and tourist places very often provided with fountains. But, of course, you can refill when you are camping, and also in many locations. It is advisable to fill it to the top, in order to reduce the presence of air as much as possible.
When you go on an adventure, hygiene when filling up is probably the most important and you change the water often when emptying your tank.


Which filters to use for drinking water?

If you don't want to drink the water directly from the tap, you have the choice between several different models, either over the sink or under the sink. Most contain Coconut activated carbon, in order to reduce bad taste, color, harmful substances. You will need to install a filtration system that is compact and convenient to replace the cartridges.


Here are our top tips for filtering the water in your motorhome no matter what country you are in.

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