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Rain Water Station

How to easily filter rainwater?


It often rains in several regions of France, most often near or on the mountain ranges: Vosges, Jura, Alps, Massif Central, Pyrenees and Corsica. You can of course use it easily if you want to manage water responsibly. Collecting and filtering rainwater is good for the environment, but it also benefits you personally. You save a lot of drinking water! However, it is necessary to think carefully about the filtration system adapted to your uses in the house.


What are the benefits of harvesting rainwater?

Due to the fact that drinking water is becoming increasingly rare and increasingly expensive for an average household, we believe that it should be stored all year round either for watering the garden or for the consumption of the House.
By storing rainwater, you can water your plants and clean your windows. Did you know that there are no streaks on the windows or on the car if you wash it with rainwater? And that trees, plants and shrubs grow better on rainwater?
But also to refresh you during the high heat in summer without wasting city water.


Which filter system for rainwater?

A filtration system for your stored rainwater has the advantage that rainwater can also be used inside your home. The cost can vary from 500 to 1000 € depending on the number of people.
The filter model will be chosen according to the type of tank, plastic or concrete. By means of the pump you can connect the water to your network for your toilet, shower or washing machine.
This is done by filtering out solid dirt particles, such as dirt, sand and rust, which float in the water.

  • For house filters drinking water

With filtration of impurities at 25 or 10 microns before treatment with activated carbon added to KDF55, the filtered water only has to pass through the UV sterilizer to destroy bacteria and viruses.

  • For drinking water in the Tiny-house

More compact, the filtration of rainwater must be adapted to the volume and the need for the flow. You just have to make sure that the tank is large enough, i.e. 1500 liters per person, to avoid being dry during a dry period.

Note: Not all water filters filter rainwater so you can actually drink the water! It will be necessary to add another more efficient filtering system to guarantee optimal water quality. Do not forget to ensure that the routing of rainwater before being must always be controlled.

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