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Self-cleaning Filters

Semi-automatic self-cleaning filters: cyclone technology at the service of water filtration



Cyclone operation with helical flow in service


METALIFE semi-automatic self-cleaning filters are modern equipment used in the field of water filtration. They are very efficient and allow efficient filtration of water. Their operation is based on a cyclone process with helical flow in service, which cleans the water of its impurities.

This type of filter is designed for use in in-line and vertical connections. It is supplied with several elements, including a fully swiveling head, a plastic connection brass nozzle with integrated check valve, a glass fiber reinforced plastic body, a stainless steel cartridge with helical system, a transparent container , a semi-automatic backwash purge and a maintenance schedule.


Backwash system for efficient cleaning of the filter cartridge

The filtration process is carried out using a helicoidal system, which allows the dirt to be evacuated at the bottom of the container by a cyclone effect. This method facilitates the accumulation of the filtered material at the bottom of the container. In addition, this filter is equipped with a backwash system which allows the filter element to be cleaned effectively. To clean this element, simply open the drain located above the container; this simple operation activates the backwash system. Each time the drain is activated, the following system is activated: water filtration for washing + automatic drainage + automatic backwash.


Advantages of the self-cleaning filter


One of the advantages of this filter is that it is semi-automatic, which means that it requires less human intervention for its maintenance. In addition, it is equipped with a transparent container that makes it easy to monitor the level of dirt and know when it is time to clean the filter cartridge.

The maintenance schedule supplied with the semi-automatic self-cleaning filter makes it possible to plan the regular maintenance of the equipment. This ensures that the filter is working efficiently at all times and reduces the risk of malfunction or failure. It is recommended to change the filter cartridge at least once a year to ensure optimal water filtration.


In conclusion, METALIFE semi-automatic self-cleaning filters are state-of-the-art tools in the field of water filtration. They are efficient, reliable and require little maintenance. If you are looking to improve the quality of your water, this type of filter may be an excellent choice for you.

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