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Filtration water Canal Provence

The water from the Canal de Provence is untreated, that is to say it is natural water that has not undergone any physical or chemical treatment. Therefore, like most natural water sources, it is not potable in its raw form. To make it suitable for consumption, it must undergo appropriate treatment.


To ensure the safety of the water you consume, it is your responsibility to install an individual water treatment system. The installation and regular maintenance of this equipment are crucial to meet the quality and safety requirements of water intended for human consumption.


The need for water treatment


Surface water naturally contains suspended particles, such as sediments of mineral origin (clay, silt, micro-organisms, etc.), which accumulate over time in the pipes. Under certain conditions, when these sediments are resuspended, the water becomes cloudy.
Turbid water refers to water containing suspended particles. These suspended solids can contribute to increased bacterial growth and reduce the effectiveness of disinfection processes.
To remedy this problem, filtration and disinfection operations are essential to eliminate potential pathogens.


Tips for treating raw water


To guarantee the safe consumption of your individual water supply, it is important to equip your installation with both filtration and disinfection systems. These two methods complement each other and are necessary to produce drinking water that meets public health standards.
Choose the water treatment method that best suits the characteristics of your water with filtration with cartridges for turbidity and taste by adding a uv sterilizer adapted to your water flow. The filtration system can be a set of 3 x 20 inch filters for 4 person households and 9 ¾ inch filters for only 2 person households.
Consult us to help you make the right choice.


Don't forget that the installation and regular maintenance of your water treatment system are essential to ensure that it works properly and maintain the quality of the water you consume. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and schedule regular checkups to verify the effectiveness of your system.

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