» » » » » CINTROPUR filter NW25 In/Out 1 Inch 25 micron
CINTROPUR filter NW25 In/Out 1 Inch 25 micron
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CINTROPUR filter NW25 In/Out 1 Inch 25 micron

Reference - CINTRO25NW

Clarification of the water of the upstream domestic network

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Pre-filtration of rainwater and domestic water to protect the individual and collective circuits of solid particles suspended in water.

It is made entirely of quality synthetic material to suit food and drinking water use.
It retains materials such as mud, sand or rust particles. That is why it must be installed at the entrance of the network, to protect the set of accessories and systems downstream. It is possible to add just after a filter station specific to your water quality.

Ideal mechanical filtration for water with low material content.

The Cintropur propeller transforms the flow of water into a centrifugal effect by the precipitation of heavy particles in the bell arm while the filtering sleeve of 25 microns ensures the final filtration. You can choose a thinner filtration threshold depending on the size of the material to be filtered.
The tank is equipped with a brass purge valve, allowing the sleeve to be emptied and washed in a few minutes.


Advantages of Cintropur :
- High water flow: 5.5 m3/H
- Low charge
- High operating pressure: 10 bar
- Professional and reliable device
- Ecological system with a very low cost of consumable
- Continuous visualization of the clogging of the filtering sleeve
- Central purge included for quick cleaning
- Long life expectancy


Application areas :

- Protection of sanitary waters
- Water filtration before softener
- Pre-filtration before filter station with Ultra-violet


- Water protection for machine tools production
- Filtration before high pressure cleaners
- Filtration of irrigation water
- Filtration of drinking water from animals
- Filtration of rainwater and wells for livestock


Material provided :
- Cintropur 1 inch male In/Out filter
- Special tightening wrench

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