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Duplex Filtration 9-3/4 Inch Kitchen Water Under Sink
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Duplex Filtration 9-3/4 Inch Kitchen Water Under Sink

Reference - STA-D934-EC

Filter station special cold water cooking

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Double cold water filtration to install under the sink for specific treatment for drinking and washing vegetables.

This filter station is equipped with 3/8 inch quick-connect couplings and a food tube, in order to carry out a filtration adapted to the cold water network of the city or drilling. It has two vats of 9 inches 3/4 that can accommodate all types of cartridges in order to reduce harmful elements.
You have the possibility to use the cartridge kits that we offer in our shop or to create your own filtration according to a water analysis.
These opaque filter tanks are compatible with all 9 3/4 "container cartridges, including white containers.
The duplex is offered with a 1/2 inch inlet to easily adapt to all types of fittings to connect to a drinking water supply tube. If you want to use a different diameter tube, we advise you to choose 1/2 inch duplex I / O filtration without installation kit.


Size of the filter station :
- Width: 330 mm
- Height: 340 mm
- Depth: 135 mm


Material provided :
- Vacuum filter duplex with 9-3 / 4 inch white opaque tanks In/Out 1/2
- 2 quick couplings AMCB0607 for filter head
- 2 quick connectors for connection to 3/8 inch cold potable water hose
- 1.5 meters of white tube 3/8 inch
- Support and key

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