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Filtration 4 levels 9-3/4 inches with complete water treatment
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Filtration 4 levels 9-3/4 inches with complete water treatment

Reference - FIL-VODA-4N

Quadruple filtration to filter water from the house before a specific treatment

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Fltration station four filter housings component 9 3/4 inches for treating water in your home.

It provides, through the cartridges, a complete treatment against impurities, chlorine, heavy metals, but also nitrates, in order to have the best filtered water possible.

It installs on standard pipe network in 20/27 with the arrival of general water.

The filter station is essential to remove pollutants from water before a vortex device designed to restructure.

The first cartridge filter suspended solids greater than 5 microns.
The second cartridge is a container containing active carbon and KDF enough to retain heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminum or lead still present in the treated water. Coal has a role to reduce the chlorine in addition strengthen the KDF filtration quality.
The next container will be filled with anionic resin to deal specifically nitrates. It is appropriate that the rate should be less than 50 mg/L to be consumed, but it is advisable to minimize nitrates to avoid causing cyanosis.
Finally, the last cartridge is composed of 100% coconut coal block to hold the remains of chlorine, pesticides, odor and bad bringing better water in taste.
All these cartridges are replaced every year since it uses under normal conditions for a home.


Benefits of the filter housings :
- The head of the ring and filter holders are approved polypropylene ACS.
- The input and output are 3/4 inch brass.
- The tank is transparent Certified styrene acrylonitrile ACS.


Cartridges included for treatment :
- 1 cartridge spun dirt-5 microns
- 1 container of activated carbon with KDF 180 Gr
- 1 container of anti-nitrate resin
- 1 activated carbon cartridge 10 micron


Dimensions of cartridges :
Length: 9 3/4 inches = 248 mm

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