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Cartridge Charcoal Chlorine Plus Big 20 Inches 1 Micron
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Cartridge Charcoal Chlorine Plus Big 20 Inches 1 Micron

Reference - PT-355753-43

ChlorPlus cartridge with high chloramine adsorption capacity

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Carbon cartridge with high dechlorination and water dechlorination power for large volumes.

The ChlorPlus® cartridge is made of extruded charcoal with a filtration threshold of 1µm. It will be able to filter a flow rate of up to 912 L / H to greatly reduce the chloramines present in city water. They present a danger for certain applications, such as dialysis and also this will make the yeasts less effective for making beer, which leads to a drop in the alcohol level.
We offer different models of this cartridge for use depending on its flow rate.
The cartridge helps reduce sediment and also significantly reduce carbon fines that are found in many granular filter boxes.

This Big 20 inch cartridge will fit a Big Blue type filter housing with a 1 inch or 1-1/2 inch (40/49) inlet.
Consider placing a filtration at 5 microns to increase the life of your cartridge.



- 0.41 bar at 15.2 L / mn
Decrease in chlorine: taste / odor: 1.9 Million liters at 15.2 L / min
Chloramine reduction: 26,500 L at 15.2 L / min


Application areas :
General filtration, chloramine filtration, water filtration before tank, dialysis filtration, brewery pre-filtration.

The filtration efficiency of this cartridge is 85% nominal.


Technical characteristics :
- Operating temperature 5 to 51.7° C
- Extruded powdered activated carbon: charcoal
- Polypropylene end caps
- Seals: Santoprene
- Filtration fineness: 1 micron nominal


Cartridge Dimensions:
- Length: 508 mm
- Width: 114 mm

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