» » » » CC-10 Coal Container Cartridge Special VOC 9-3/4 Inch
CC-10 Coal Container Cartridge Special VOC 9-3/4 Inch
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CC-10 Coal Container Cartridge Special VOC 9-3/4 Inch

Reference - PT-155155-43

Filtration to greatly reduce volatile organic compounds

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Coconut activated carbon water cartridge to reduce taste, odor and volatile organic compounds.

It adapts to 9 3/4 inch filter holders and purifiers for the treatment of drinking or spring water. It is ideal for removing a number of volatile organic compounds from drinking water.
It purifies water from the city or other sources made drinkable by a suitable drinking water process. It also reduces MTBE. The 9 3/4 inch container contains activated carbon from coconut bark which gives drinking water exceptional taste and quality and provides better reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than conventional GAC cartridges. The particle size of this activated carbon is specially designed for optimum efficiency.
The construction of the container allows water to enter the base and pass the full length of the coal bed while a pad
expansion minimizes channeling. Just before the water comes out of the cartridge, a post filter helps remove carbon fines and other suspended particles from the filtered water. The post-filter is securely attached to an innovative support basket to ensure it is in place to prevent it from moving.


Advantages of the cartridge :
- Strongly reduces VOCs
- Minimizes channeling or bypassing
- Lifespan: 28000 Liters (taste-odor)
- Constant flow
drinking water purifier, water filter on sink, source water treatment, filter under sink, hot drinks water pre-filtration, American fridge water pre-filtration.


Cartridge length9. 3/4 inch - 248 mm             
Cartridge diameter3 inch - 73 mm                 
CompositionCoconut activated carbon
Filtration threshold20 microns
Working temperature4,4° à 51°
Made inUSA
CertificationsNSF - FDA


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