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Multi-Trap Multipurpose Trap - Flies & Wasps
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Multi-Trap Multipurpose Trap - Flies & Wasps

Reference - EQ-PIE-03087

Reusable Trap for Flying Insect Bait

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Trap suitable for all flying insects attracted by natural food bait on a terrace in summer.

This box with holes allows the entry of flies, wasps or mosquitoes depending on the type of bait used.
Simply open my plastic trap to fill it with a specific bait. The yellow color attracts mostly flies and wasps.
It can be suspended or placed on a flat surface at least 3 to 4 meters away from a table or pool.
It is possible to hang several traps around the area to be protected, because the principle of preventing insects from lingering around people for a long time.
We recommend the special wasps and hornets to ensure maximum effectiveness. Alternatively, you can prepare yourself the solution for the insect to attract into the trap, such as jam and honey.

Renew the product inside the trap regularly after cleaning it under water.


Application areas :

Terrace restaurant or hotel, organic restaurant, camping terrace, camper van, bungalows in the countryside, terrace food-truck, balcony, beach pool.

Trap Dimensions :
Height: 190 mm
Width: 135 mm

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