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Insecticide pyrethrum plant High concentration - Aerosol 250 ml

Reference - IN-PYR-91030

Insecticide diffuser against tiger mosquitoes and flies

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250 ml aerosol for automatic diffuser against the tiger mosquitoes, flat flies, wasps with 100% natural pyrethrum high dosage.

Its new enhanced formulation allows it to be used in agricultural and livestock premises or outside the house.
It protects continuously and discretely for 3 to 9 weeks a volume of 20 m3 and 40 m3.
The insecticide pyrethroid to 18g / kg without tetramethrin.

The aerosol insecticide settles in every model of automatic diffusers compatible with 250 ml.

The natural insecticide can be used in organic farming community or in the stables.
It is advisable to check for drafts before placing the diffuser.


Properties and performance
- Effective in all rooms with windows open.
- Effective in a volume up to 40 m3.
- Its use is not toxic to humans and pets.
- Repellent and shock effect on all flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, wasps).
- Capacity 250 ml.


Examples of applications
- Individuals: main or secondary home, porch, living room, kitchen, terrace, bathrooms, workshop.
- Business commercial, bar, barn, equipment room, cheese factory, receptions, corridors, locker rooms, restaurants.
Ideal for treating horse boxes against flies and horseflies for grain deposits for Bio bakeries.


Composition of the aerosol
- 18 g/kg of pure natural plant Pyrethrum.
2500 guarantees pulses.



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