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Baiting box secure special mouse

Reference - EQ-PAP-02065

Box baiting double entry, with secure key

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Box to regulatory pellet baits and paste baits to fight effectively against the invasion of mice in the house or storage premises.

It is essential to avoid the dispersion of granules during the rodents pass.
This plastic box is secure, thanks to a key for opening and closing. It guarantees the protection of children and pets.
The new regulations require its use in organic farming, by making the first request from the certification bodies.


It is advisable to remove the baiting station along one wall and on the passage frequented by mice.
Put the amount of bait stated on the box by changing the originally active from time to time.
Check regularly that the compartments are always filled, especially when a cure.


Specifications :

Size :
Length: 126 mm
Width: 95 mm
Height: 39 mm


Diameter of the inlet/outlet hole : 24 mm

- Thick and sturdy Plastic
- Secure closure
- Inscription "Danger Poison" engraved on the lid


If you think that the category rodent you want to get rid is too big to fit in this box, please use the special bait black rats and brown rats position.



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