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Rodenticide block Difenacoum Communities - 10 Kg

Reference - RD-DIF-35022

Professional rat poison blocks for communities

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Difenacoum blocks put up for communities that wish to eliminate mouse and rats in public places.

It is presented individually wrapped for better use by the municipality staff.
The rodenticide bait is both versatile and effective in mice than rats. To know its effectiveness will require stress tests to difenacoum addressing local for a fortnight. If the decrease in the amount of rodent is visible, it will be possible to continue this treatment alone, otherwise you have to use the same time another active ingredient, bromadiolone block either shelled grain.


It is strongly advised to take appropriate positions baited type of rodent to eliminate.
The blocks must be replaced regularly, so that the smell of rodents is not perceptible to the new visitors.

After a cure for a few weeks, the yellow blocks brodifacoum prevents a sudden increase in rodent invaders.
e block or paste.


Active Ingredient :
Compound of 0.005% difenacoum.


Use of bait blocks :
Just drop the blocks in the extruded bait station and planned to place it in the most frequented places by rodents.
Use gloves as a precaution and did not eat or drink or smoke during use.
The anticoagulant rodenticide attract pests and cause death seems natural within 2 or 3 days after consumption and avoiding arousing the suspicion of other rodents and allowing the rest of the colony to come to feed on the bait.
For breeders and certified organic farmers, it will inform your certification body for he gives you his agreement.


Maximum efficiency :
It will be more effective than the rodent will be attracted to the bait in an environment where there is no shortage of food, which is why we particularly studied appetite, anise and tallow smell will attract the rodent. The blocks will be consumed with greed and rodent control will be very effective.
Once dead, the rodent will dry from the inside, avoiding pets to eat. This product is now, what it does best in handling rodents. It respects the different criteria of dangerousness.


Safety precautions :
- Follow the instructions to avoid risks to humans and the environment.
- Do not touch the product with hands to avoid arousing suspicion rats.
- Use only in covered places or shelters, and their immediate surroundings.
- Do not place the product in a hen house, an aviary, a hutch without protecting the under boards, tiles, pipes ...
- Destroy at As the bodies of rodents.
- Wash hands after use.
- Keep out of reach of children and away from food and beverages.
- Keep only in original container.
- If swallowed, use of vitamin K1.


"Use biocides with caution. Before use, read the label and product information."



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