» » » » TALON BLOCKS BRODIFACOUM - 10KG Lightning Rodenticide 50 PPM
TALON BLOCKS BRODIFACOUM - 10KG Lightning Rodenticide 50 PPM
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TALON BLOCKS BRODIFACOUM - 10KG Lightning Rodenticide 50 PPM

Reference - RD-BRD-30002

20 gram water repellent block to control mice, roof rats and Norway rats thanks to its powerful anticoagulant, causing the death of rodents in a single dose

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The most powerful professional rat poison to quickly eliminate rodents.


TALON BLOC is a highly effective product for controlling rodent populations (mice, roof rats and Norway rats) thanks to its low-dose anticoagulant formula. The single bait of TALON BLOC is generally fatal for rodents, causing their death between 3 and 7 days later without arousing their suspicion. This water-repellent block can be used in damp places thanks to its central hole which holds it in place in the special rodent bait station. After a large bait intake, the mouse population is considerably reduced from the 4th day and rodent activity ceases completely in 15 to 20 days.


Precautions for use

Bait should be placed in such a way as to minimize the risk of ingestion by other animals.
Secure baits so that they cannot be taken away by rodents.
The treatment area should be marked during the treatment period.
The risk of poisoning (primary or secondary) by the anticoagulant, as well as its antidote must be mentioned.
Dead rodents should be removed daily from the treatment area throughout the treatment period.
Do not dispose of them in trash cans or landfills.
These baits can only be used by professional applicators. They can only be used in covered places or shelters, and in case of necessity in their immediate surroundings.


TALON BLOC is a 20 gram block intended for anticoagulant treatments against recalcitrant rodents, including strains resistant to other active ingredients. The use of TALON BLOC is strictly reserved for professionals and the bait stations must be secured and placed in safe places to minimize the risk of access by children or non-target animals. Recommended doses vary depending on the target species and the level of infestation.

To use the product safely, it is important to place it in secure, labeled bait stations or other covered bait stations that offer the same level of protection. It is also important to choose safe and discreet locations to minimize the risk of product access and ingestion by children or non-target animals.

Before starting, it is necessary to clearly identify the target rodent, because the behavior may vary depending on the species. If possible, eliminate all competing food sources. Finally, for safety reasons, it is recommended to salvage dead rodents to prevent them from being eaten by other animals, which could lead to secondary poisoning.


As for the dose of use, for rats, it is advisable to provide 20 to 60 g every 5 to 10 meters. For mice, a dose of 20 g every 1 to 3 meters is recommended. It is important to adjust the recommended dose according to the level of infestation.


Authorized uses Rat and mouse control
AMM No. 9300202
Composition 0.004% (m/m) of Brodifacoum (CAS n° 56073-10-0) Formulation BB: bait in attractive paraffin blocks of 20 g
Toxicological classification Xn - Harmful
R22: Harmful if swallowed.

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