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Single 80 micron 9-3/4 Inch pre-filter with purge

Reference - A8000520

Mechanical filter with 80 micron self-cleaning cartridge to protect rain or spring water filtration

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Self-cleaning AP-EASY 80 micron rainwater filter


Simplified self-cleaning filtering for clearer rainwater.


Protect your water from unwanted particles with the AP-EASY 80 micron self-cleaning filter. Designed to remove airborne particles, sand and metal particles, this simple protective filter is the essential tool you need.
The AP-EASY 80 micron self-cleaning filter offers high flow and unparalleled efficiency. Whether as a main house entrance filter, for irrigation or for a Tiny-House, this filter will meet all your needs.
It will protect your filtration station so as not to saturate your fine filtration too quickly.


Benefits of 80 micron self-cleaning pre-filtration

  • High Flow: Enjoy optimal water flow, without compromising filtration quality.
  • Complete protection: Reduces the presence of sand and metal particles in the water, preventing potential damage to household appliances.
  • Ease of rinsing: The drain valve in the lower part facilitates rinsing of the insert, keeping the filter in perfect condition.
  • Filtration efficiency: With a fineness of 80 microns, it effectively removes unwanted solids in the rainwater coming from the tank.
  • Reliability Assured: Made with quality materials, this filter guarantees long-lasting performance.


Characteristics of the pre-filter

  • Polypropylene Head - Sturdy and durable for long term use. (Provides exceptional durability.)
  • Transparent SAN tank - Allows you to easily see the level of filtration and the need for maintenance. (Monitor the quality of your water carefully.)
  • RLA 80 Micron Washable Polypropylene Filter Cartridge - Provides effective filtration of unwanted particles. (Purer water for your family.) It can be changed to 60 or 250 micron to suit your specific needs.
  • Polypropylene filter head fitted with brass inlet-outlet inserts
  • Brass drain valve
  • 9-3/4 inch RLA 80 micron washable nylon cartridge




What is the life of the cartridge?

The filter has a lifespan of approximately 6-12 months, depending on water quality and frequency of use.


Is this filter suitable for large volumes of water?

Yes, the AP-EASY Filter is ideal for point-of-entry domestic installations, making it a great option for large volumes of water. It is available with 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/2 inch entry upon request.



Largeur Filtre22 MM                      
Hauteur Filtre65 MM
Profondeur Filtre40 MM si support
Débit maxi4800 L/H
Pression maxi de travail8 Bar
Pression mini de travail1,5 Bar
Température de travail5° - 40°
Diamètre Entrée/Sortie1 Pouce - 26/34
Modèle cartouche 9-3/4 P/2.5 P - 248/63mm
Certifications NSF - ACS


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