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KDF 85 Reduction of Hydrogen Sulfide and Iron - Box of 1 Kg
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KDF 85 Reduction of Hydrogen Sulfide and Iron - Box of 1 Kg

Reference - KDF-85-2K

Treatment anti-lead and aluminum

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KDF 85 - Your Effective Solution Against Iron and Rotten Egg Smell in Water.


KDF®-85 is the answer to your water problems containing dissolved iron (ferrous) and giving off the unpleasant rotten egg odor caused by hydrogen sulfide. Made from high purity copper and zinc granules, this water treatment media is designed for an efficient oxidation/reduction (redox) reaction.


Advantages of KDF85:

  • Effective removal of iron and hydrogen sulfide.
  • Reduction of unpleasant rotten egg odors.
  • Works over a wide pH range : Operating over a relatively wide pH range, it is suitable for various water sources.
  • Certified to ANSI/NSF 61 : Approved by ANSI/NSF 61 standard, ensuring its safety and effectiveness for your drinking water.
  • Bacteriostatic, for healthier water : In addition to purifying your water, it has bacteriostatic properties for better health of the water you consume.
  • High Purity Media: KDF®-85 is composed of high purity copper and zinc granules, ensuring superior water treatment quality.


This product has an important feature: its high weight, weighing 85 kg per 28.31 liters! This makes it heavier than most other iron removal media on the market. It is therefore essential to carefully evaluate the backwash flow rate for its use. Backwash flow rates are more than twice that of other iron removal media, but service flow rates are also much higher. This means that even small treatment systems can be highly efficient, compensating for high backwash flow rates. Ultimately, you will need a much smaller amount of this media to accomplish a given processing task. It is recommended to backwash every 2 days.

KDF®-85 is often used as a thin layer in a variety of backwashable filters to increase their ability to remove iron and hydrogen sulfide. For example, many water softener models incorporate KDF-85 to ensure hydrogen sulfide removal. It is important to note that when KDF®-85 is used in a shallow layer, expectations for contaminant removal should be more modest, especially when the layer is less than 10 inches deep.


How long does KDF 85 media last?

KDF 85 media is durable and can last for years depending on use. It mixes with activated carbon.



Medium compositionCopper / Zinc Haute pureté      
ColorReddish brown KDF85
Physical formGranular
Screen size (maille américaine)-10 +100
Particle size range0,149 mm à 2 mm
Apparent density2,2 - 2,9 g/cc (191 lb/pi3)
Turbidity< 20 NTU
Odor and TastesNone
Made inUSA


Quantity cartridge 9-3/4 Pouce 30 L/mn340 grammes               
Quantity cartridge Big 9-3/4 Pouce 30 L/mn1150 grammes                  
Quantity cartridge Big 20 pouce 30 L/mn2300 grammes                
Quantity cartridge line 10X2 4 L/mn220 grammes           



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