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BIRM Deferrization raw water - 20 Kg bag
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BIRM Deferrization raw water - 20 Kg bag

Reference - PR-BIRM-MED

Iron and manganese reducer for drilling water

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The Birm is a medium that is used in cartridges or pressure bottle for removing iron and manganese present in the drilling and water well.

It is relatively effective in raw water prior to use for irrigation.
The birm acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved oxygen and iron compounds.
It increases the reaction of the oxidation so that iron compounds are converted to ferric hydroxide, which can be easily filtered.

The iron and manganese content in natural waters can cause corrosion and clogging of pipes by precipitation or deposit formation.
They can also promote the growth of bacteria, resulting in staining and taste in the water.
It has the advantage of not requiring regular chemical regeneration. This BIRM sand can be used for treatment of drinking water.

Its lifetime is usually more than 5 years depending on the number of treatments.


Essential conditions for good efficiency Birm :
- No oils and hydrogen sulfide in the water to be treated.
- PH 6.8 to 9.
- Dissolved oxygen minimum 15% of the value of iron.
- Alkalinity at least twice the total of sulfates and chlorides.


Warning: Chlorination reduces the effectiveness of Birm.


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