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Filter station Triple Big 20 inches + UV 12 GPM Protozoa
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Filter station Triple Big 20 inches + UV 12 GPM Protozoa

Reference - AQFBB20-TFLO

Rainwater treatment system for large farm

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20-inch high flow filter station to purify rainwater in a house.

This treatment removes all the physical and chemical elements from the water collected and stored in the tank. These three stages of filtration are necessary to make rainwater usable for toilets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, dishwashers or for farmers' water points for animals.

Rainwater treatment is a complete system combining impurity filtration, carbon-based purification with silver salt and KDF to remove chemicals and odors and regeneration using the cartridge with Juraperl granules for correct the pH of the water and remineralize it. Finally, the 40 W ultraviolet sterilizer eliminates living organisms, bacteria and viruses to make drinking water for home consumption. Without this device, the water passing through conventional filters, even charcoal, can only be used for watering, filling the basins and cleaning the exterior or the car.

The rainwater treatment system can supply a large house or a farm, except for drinking.
Water restrictions for watering or washing the car are imposed every year because of the drought. Although rainwater is not drinkable, it provides an ideal source of water in the event that city water is no longer available or the quality of city water is no longer reliable. .

In some cases, collecting rainwater helps to limit the household's water needs.


Advantages of the filtration station :
- Soft water without lime, leaves no trace of tartar
- Presence of pressure gauges to indicate the moment to change the cartridges
- Cartridges can filter the equivalent of 70 M3 of water for a family for a year


Use of the treatment station :
- Watering the garden, lawn, flowers
- Supply of toilets and washing machines (laundry - dishes)
- Power supply to the bathroom (shower)
- Vehicle cleaning
- Filling of the pool and spa
- Water supply from the irrigation system
- Animal water points
- Cleaning of horse boxes


Composition of the rainwater station :
- Triple Big 20 inch filtration on fixed frame
- 12 GPM ultraviolet sterilizer with 220V ballast (Ballast timer optional)


Station dimensions :
- Width without UV: 615 mm
- Width with UV: 933 mm
- Depth: 190 mm
- Total height: 770 mm


Filtration system ready to install on the rainwater network. This water cannot be used for human drinking.


Filtration width94 CM                      
Filtration height77 CM
Filtration depth21 CM
Flow max2700 L/H
Pressure max6 Bar
Performance Taste - Odor189000 Liters à 912 L/H
Action anti-parasites99,95% Cryptosporidium - Giardia
Diameter In/Out1 Inch - 26/34
Modèle cartridge H/DBig 20 P/2.5 P - 508/114mm


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