» » » » » Tiny-House 4-stage ultra-filtration station 0.1 micron 9-3/4P In/Out 3/4P
Tiny-House 4-stage ultra-filtration station 0.1 micron 9-3/4P In/Out 3/4P
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Tiny-House 4-stage ultra-filtration station 0.1 micron 9-3/4P In/Out 3/4P

Reference - FIL-TINY-4N

Compact rainwater filter station for Tiny-House

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Rainwater filtration system for a Tiny-House or Yurt to remove impurities with a 0.1 micron filter.

Improve your daily Tiny-House life with our compact rainwater filtration. This filter station with 4 treatment levels down to 0.1 micron ensures clean and safe water for your shower and washing your laundry. Easy to install and use, an ideal solution for Tiny-House enthusiasts looking for durability and autonomy.


Prefilter : The prefilter is the first stage of filtration in this system to retain solids larger than 20 microns. It is used to remove coarse particles such as leaf debris, sand and other particles suspended in water. This protects the next filter ensuring maximum efficiency and without blocking the 1 micron filter. It will need to be replaced every 4 months depending on the local weather.


0.1 micron filter : This filter is used to treat drinking water, before it is consumed for washing clothes, showering and cooking. It consists of synthetic hollow fibers that can retain microparticles suspended in water, as well as bacteria, viruses, protozoa and algae.
It is corrosion and chemical resistant. This ultra-microfiltration filter cartridge can only be installed in a specific FP3 filter housing. It can be installed in water filtration systems for a chalet, a boat, or a motorhome. This step ensures that the water is safe to use for cooking.


Fine impurity filter : This 1 micron filter is the filtration barrier necessary before going below the 1 micron threshold, because it allows dust or pollen to be retained. The filter is made of high quality polypropylene, without dropping materials.


Activated carbon filter with KDF: The activated carbon filter with KDF is the last stage of filtration. Vegetable activated carbon is intended to adsorb organic substances such as pesticides, drug residues, industrial chemicals and heavy metals. It also helps to improve the taste and smell of water. Thanks to KDF, an ion exchanger based on copper-zinc, this filtration stage will combine copper and zinc to increase the quality of filtration, particularly on heavy metals, bacteria and micro-organisms. It can also help reduce mold and bacteria growth in the filtration system.



Filtration width52 CM                      
Filtration height36 CM
Filtration depth13 CM
maxi flow600 L/H
Pressuremaxi6 Bar
Diameter In/Out3/4 Pouce - 20/27
Type of cartridges H/DStandard 9-3/4 P/2.5 P - 248/63mm


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