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Kit 4 cartridges 20 inches - Houseboat filtration

Reference - KT-FIL4-PEN

Special filters for filtering station 20-inch

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Set of 4 20-inch cartridges to filter the water that feeds a houseboat or independent dwelling.

Each cartridge will retain suspended matter of finer and finer to make the water clearer, to finish with a carbon cartridge, to destroy the bad taste and odors.
The first cartridge is washable nylon with a fineness of 60 microns to retain large materials. It can be washed regularly, every 2 to 3 months, so as not to saturate too much.
The next two are respectively 25 and 1 micron to work in depth on algae, mud, pollen, silt.
Thanks to the fact that a 20-inch filter holder is used, the 1 micron puromelt cartridge makes it possible not to lower the pressure.
For the last activated carbon, it can treat water mainly on the bad taste and odors from the settling of standing water in a basin or tank.

If the first cartridge is kept for several years, the others must be replaced every year.
If you wish to have a way to observe the saturation of the cartridges, please contact us.

These cartridges are intended to equip the 20-inch multi-filters.


Cartridge dimensions :
Length : 20 inches = 508 mm
Width : 63 mm

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