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Pack 3 X 20 inch Cartridges - Filtration Water Drilling

Reference - PR-BCN-PF20

Drilling assembly of filters for water station 20 inches

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This 20-inch cartridge kit fits perfectly to the water drilling triplex station for daily use for watering or toilets.

It consists of three different cartridges to hold suspended solids up to 25 microns, then a 10-micron activated carbon cartridge to absorb harmful substances, odor and some pesticides. Once this water is filtered, it is not necessarily good for the drink, because only the analysis of the water of the drilling makes it possible to know the elements to be filtered correctly.
It is possible to add a fourth filter, to solve a specific problem, such as the acidity of the water or the presence of strong odors.

These cartridges should be monitored regularly to avoid the release of harmful substances or substances into drinking water.
If you want to control the change or the cleaning of the dirt cartridges, you can install two vertical pressure gauges (one on the water inlet head and the second on the last head). You will not be able to control the carbon cartridge, but it is best to replace it every 6 months as a precaution.

Composition of the cartridge kit :
- Washable 20-inch cartridge with 60 micron nylon film
- 20 inch coil cartridge 25 microns
- Activated carbon cartridge block 20 inches 10 microns.

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