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20-inch triple cartridge kit anti scale
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20-inch triple cartridge kit anti scale

Reference - KIT-20P-SCAL

Lot of cartridges for triplex station 20 inches against limestone

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Cartridge kit for 20-inch triplex filter station to treat limescale and taste on the drilling or city water system.

The 3 cartridges have different functions from the inlet to the outlet of the filtration.
The first cartridge filters suspended matter greater than 20 microns such as mud, algae, sediment, sand. Depending on the quality of the water originally, it is possible that it is replaced after 6 months of use to avoid lowering the pressure.
The second cartridge is filled with crystals of polyphosphates acting on the general line and the devices by depositing a film inside the circuit to prevent the limestone from settling. It does not have an action on the level of limestone, but allows to always have a clean circuit without corrosion.
The last cartridge is activated carbon because its function is to retain odors, bad taste and for city water the chlorine present. It is suitable in the majority of cases, but in case of strong presence of chlorine, it is advisable to use the high dechlorination cartridge 20 inches.
This kit is recommended in areas where the hardness of the water is important.


These cartridges can be replaced every year for a water consumption of less than 50 m3 per year.


Composition of the cartridge kit :
- 20 inch spun cartridge 20 micron
- 20-inch polyphosphate container cartridge
- Activated carbon cartridge block 10 micron 20 inches

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