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Residential Semi-Automatic Filter 89 Micron In/Out 1 Inch
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Residential Semi-Automatic Filter 89 Micron In/Out 1 Inch

Reference - AQBR-FT-012

Filtration of inlet inlet of drilling water and tanks

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PURIFIL is an innovative self-cleaning filter for domestic water network inlet filtration from a borehole, tank or raw water.

It works with a double action of brushing and super fast evacuation of the impurities retained by the sieve in 304 stainless steel of 89 microns. This method allows efficient and deep cleaning of both the filter cartridge and the filter bowl. The raw water or drilling that enters the semi-automatic cleaning filter flows from the outside to the inside of the cartridge.
Cleaning starts by rotating the green handle clockwise. This movement activates at each click the brushing system and the opening of the evacuation valve, which creates a high-speed tangential flow which releases the impurities retained.
The impurities found in water are sand, rust flakes and fibers.

The filter can be installed with a raw water station, to retain the largest impurities.


The brass head of the self-cleaning filter has a 1-inch inlet and is resistant to mechanical stress due to installation. The tank, equipped with the discharge valve, is made of high-strength polyamide (16 bar).

The structure of the filter cartridge makes it resistant to mechanical shocks and pressure gradients eliminating deformation and fouling of the cartridge.

The cleaning brushes are equipped with silver inserts for an anti-bacterial function.


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