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Semi-automatic self-cleaning filter MEC 85 micron - Entrance 3/4

Reference - MEC-AUTO34

Rainwater or sprinkler water pre-filtration with inox 304 cartridge

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Self-cleaning filter 3/4 inch in rain or watering with washable ninox 304 cartridge.

The 89 micron nylon cartridge is cleaned by activating the backwash with its drain valve on the side. All the junction pieces are made of plastic, which does not allow it to be used in a professional cedar.
The MEC 85/N cleaning filter filters city water or rainwater with great reliability. This filter is necessary if you want to remove turbidity greater than 0.3 NFU from city, rain or spring water, provided that a water analysis has been carried out before installing it.
The filter cartridge is 89 microns to retain solids present in the water, such as algae, sludge, dust.
It is possible to use it in the vertical or horizontal position.


It is a filtration system for the domestic uaga with low pressure drop and minimum maintenance over time.

We recommend performing a regular backwashing of the cartridge, to remove all impurities, every month to avoid having to do it when it is completely saturated.
It is possible to replace the original cartridge with a 50 micron or 200 micron inox 304 sieve cartridge.

This type of filtration cannot be used to retain large impurities in drilling water, because the screen may become clogged very quickly. It is preferable to carry out a water analysis before installing it.


Dimensiones H X L X Depth (mm)265 X 172 X 110    
In / Out3/4 Pouce - 20/27               
Filtration Level89 micron
Flow63 L/mn
Pression de service1.5 - 6 Bar
Pression maxi10 Bar
Température maxi40 °C
Origine de fabricationITALY
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