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Technical Excellence Since 1972

CINTROPUR®, since its year of birth in 1972, embodies technical excellence in the field of clear water filtration and water sterilization. Designed and manufactured in Belgium, this brand is a proud creation of the Belgian company AIRWATEC. Responding to its customers' complex water filtration requirements, CINTROPUR® has conquered the world with its innovative products.
This brand, from the Belgian company AIRWATEC, is recognized in more than 70 countries around the world for its ability to meet complex water filtration needs.

Presentation of AIRWATEC

AIRWATEC, founded in 2002, resulted from the sale of the activities of NMC Filtrations s.a., belonging to the parent company NMC s.a. Since its creation, AIRWATEC has developed into a thriving company, focused on three major sectors of activity: water, air and engineering. With an annual turnover exceeding 10 million euros and a team of 28 experts, AIRWATEC is a driving force in the filtration industry.


Environmental Commitment

CINTROPUR is proud of its mission towards quality and sustainability. They manufacture reliable filters of unrivaled quality, while striving to minimize plastic waste of all kinds. Its products are designed to provide efficient filtration while minimizing environmental impact. They are committed to maximizing the profitability of your CINTROPUR® purchases.
Its mission is clear: to manufacture reliable filters of unrivaled quality while contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.


50 Years of Technical Excellence

With almost 50 years of existence, CINTROPUR® has achieved technical excellence in the field of water filtration. The filters are designed to ensure exceptional double filtration thanks to a centrifugal propeller and a filter screen. This unique combination ensures water purification to its highest level, effectively removing suspended solid impurities while maintaining maximum flow rate.


A complete range

Our range of water filter products is preferably used on lightly loaded liquids. Made of high quality synthetic material, the filters retain all solid impurities suspended in the water while maintaining maximum flow. From the compact SL 160, with a flow rate of up to 3 m³/h, to the powerful NW 800, peaking at 32 m³/h, our filters meet all your requirements.


Cutting-edge Technology

CINTROPUR® mechanically filters particles with a sieve (sleeve/flies) and treats the water with coconut-based activated carbon, and/or sterilizes it with UV ultraviolet rays. The filters are equipped with a sieve with fineness thresholds ranging from 1µ to 300µm. The CINTROPUR TE and CTN models treat water with activated carbon or polyphosphates, ensuring unrivaled purity.

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