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Cartridges 20 Inches

The cartridges are fitted standard 20 inch filter holder with an inlet of 3/4 inch.

With 4 times more surface area for filtration of potable water, it becomes necessary to retain the solid materials and chlorine on a general installation.

These filters are different depending on the size of the fine particles to be filtered from 1 to 100 microns.

The diameter of these cartridges are approximately 65 mm with a length of 508 millimeters. Some are washable and other disposable depending on the type of domestic or industrial application.
To get the best possible filtration, it is recommended to use pleated cartridges 1 micron to 50, because they have a good seal. This type of cartridge is designed to provide effective filtration to protect your membrane omoseur and improve up to 95% of TDS rejection.

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