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Cartridge 20 inches Coal Coconut granules + 1 Kg KDF

Reference - PR-UPF20-KS

Cartridge with activated carbon coconut high quality with KDF

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20 inch cartridge to reduce contaminants and heavy metals for all water sources.


The 20 inch cartridge filled with activated carbon and KDF offers an effective solution for the chemical treatment of drinking water for a main or secondary house. It is installed after a pre-filtration adapted to your water quality.


Advantages of the cartridge with 1 kilo of KDF55


Activated coconut carbon: removes contaminants, odors and unwanted tastes, for pure and fresh water.
KDF55: protects against heavy metals and undesirable agents, ensuring healthy and safe water. With one kilo of KDF, the filtration will be optimal for the water needs of a family of 3.
Powerfull combination: Activated carbon and KDF provide triple level filtration for maximum efficiency. It reduces bad taste, odor, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteriological development and chlorine.
Preserving the natural benefits of water: Removes contaminants while maintaining essential nutrients.


Cartridge specifications

  • Activated coconut carbon: high adsorption to remove phenols, heavy metals and pesticides - purer water.
  • KDF55: powerful catalyst against heavy metals, bacteria and viruses - safer water.
  • High specific surface area: up to 1000 m2/g for maximum adsorption of contaminants - cleaner water.
  • 99.99% pure natural silver: antiseptic and disinfectant properties for healthy water free of impurities.
  • High Performance Filtration: Effectively removes chemical contaminants, unwanted odors and tastes - great tasting water.

The 20-inch cartridge with activated carbon and KDF is recommended for filtration of spring water, city water and also rainwater. It is important to choose the washable or disposable pre-filtration cartridge to prolong the life of this cartridge as much as possible.



water categoriesTown - Channel - Well - Rain - Spring                  


Cartridge length20 inch - 508 mm                    
Diameter cartridge2.6 inch - 70 mm
CompositionCarbon - Ag - KDF55
Best flow720 L/H
Temperature using4.4 °C à 45 °C
PerformancesChlore - Taste - odor - Métaux lourds


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