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Cartridge Nitrates treatment 20 inches container
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Cartridge Nitrates treatment 20 inches container

Reference - PR-UDF-20-S

Special filtration in the presence of nitrates in water

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Special filter for the treatment of nitrate


This cartridge is the only inexpensive way to completely remove nitrates from the water.

Container anion exchangers bed only to remove nitrates.
The anti-resin container must be used with nitrates del'eau drinking.
This filtration is safe for our consumption.
Nitrates are toxic to the human body, so it is imperative to remove them.
In France, drinking waters intended for human consumption must comply with the limit value of 50 mg / l.
This cartridge is very useful, especially in water points in Britain.

The frequency of cartridge replacement is 6 months or every 9000 liters.
This container should in all systems purifier or filter wheel 20 inch standard.


Purolite A520 resin anti nitrate.

Low pressure drop

Meets FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

Length = 508 mm 20 inches
Operating temperature: 5 to 60°C

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