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Cartridge Excellence Chrome MONH2O

Reference - MHO-EXCP

Bactericidal cartridge with carbon and KDF for MONH2O

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Special cartridge to treat tap water before drinking directly.

It is compatible with the MONH2O chrome faucet filter for a consistently good taste and clear water.

Inside the filter, activated charcoal, KDF and the silver salt are the active agents that keep harmful substances and bacteria.
Each of these elements are used to filter optimally toutte year water network.
It replaces once your LED indicator lights, as it can not be used beyond the amount of water programmed by the integrated electronic detector.
This filter cartridge is the same color as the chrome tap in order to have the same aesthetics as the origin.


The granular activated carbon will retain chlorine, bad taste and odor, insecticides, pesticides, while making clearer water through a filtration fineness of 0.02 micron. KDF is essential to filter heavy metals still present (mercury, lead, aluminum).
With silver salts, bacteria and viruses will be trapped in any cartridge throughout its use.
This is the most complete range of cartridge.

Quick and easy to install on your MONH2O kitchen faucet.


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