Aqua: Your Trusted Partner for Quality Water


Aqua is much more than just a brand. It is your trusted partner in the world of water treatment. Since its founding in 1974, Aqua S.p.A. has evolved to become a global leader in providing innovative water solutions. Its headquarters in San Martino in Rio covers more than 7,000 square meters, and its presence extends to approximately 100 countries around the world. Its success is based on the commitment of many people who share their passion for water and their commitment to excellence.


Its Fundamental Values

At Aqua, we believe in quality, durability and customer satisfaction. All of its products are designed and manufactured in compliance with global health and environmental protection regulations. Many of them have ACS certification. They use only the best raw materials, and each product undergoes rigorous testing before being delivered. The company is certified for its quality system in compliance with regulations, thus ensuring the best quality for its customers.


Its commitment to the environment

We know that water is the essence of life, and that is why they are determined to contribute to a sustainable future for our planet. They carefully select our suppliers and our raw materials, promote the sustainable development of its products, and they are committed to reducing their environmental impact at each stage of its process. At Aqua, we believe that preserving water and the environment is of the utmost importance.


Its range of filtration products

Discover our wide range of filters for water treatment, ranging from solutions for filtration of mains water, to innovative products for daily use with natural water sources. At Aqua, they are committed to offering simple, effective and quality solutions to meet your needs. Its filtration range is designed to offer you the highest quality water, day after day.


Why Choose Aqua to filter drinking water?

Unparalleled Quality: Products are made with the finest raw materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure exceptional quality.
Constant innovation: They are constantly at the forefront of innovation, offering solutions that are always at the cutting edge of technology.
Environmental commitment: They are committed to preserving the environment at each stage of their production process.
Global Presence: With a presence in over 100 countries, they are wherever you need them.
Competitive prices and fast delivery: Take advantage of the best prices on our water filtration products and fast delivery directly from our online store.
At Aqua, water is our passion, and we're dedicated to providing you with the best products and services to help you enjoy every drop. Join us today and experience the Aqua difference.

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