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Micro-Filtration Big 20 Inches 0.1 micron 2400 L/H
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Micro-Filtration Big 20 Inches 0.1 micron 2400 L/H

Reference - A4360110

0.1 micron bactericidal cartridge for Big 20 inch filter housing

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Big 20 inch cartridge with 0.1 micron hollow fibers for domestic use in a mobile or professional home.

It is installed in a classic Big 20 inch filter holder, especially after having removed the maximum of impurities if possible at least 5 micron. She will finish a filtration to be consumed for domestic use in a motorhome, a tiny house, a chalet in the assembly.
It is able to retain bacteria and viruses present in the water. It will be prudent to carry out a water analysis before drinking it in certain cases.
Ultrafiltration is a mechanical filtration process that separates even very small unwanted substances in water. The pores in the membrane are so small that bacteria and even some viruses are too large to pass through.

We advise to put a 1 micron 20 inch polypropylene filter before this cartridge to prevent it from being saturated too quickly.


Application areas :
Rainwater filtration, final source treatment, food preparation water filtration, motorhome water filtration, motorhome water purification.



Cartridge lenght20 pouces - 508 mm                    
Cartridge diameter4.5 pouces - 117 mm                    
Filtration level0.1 micron
Flow20 L/mn - 2400 L/H
Pressure max4 Bar
Temperature max40 °C
Made inITALY
CertificationsNSF / ANSI 42-53


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