» » » Weedkiller concentrated with Pelargonic acid Multi-purpose 450 ml
Weedkiller concentrated with Pelargonic acid Multi-purpose 450 ml
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Weedkiller concentrated with Pelargonic acid Multi-purpose 450 ml

Reference - HB-PEL-01010

Multi-purpose foliar herbicide from geranium

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Ultra concentrated herbicide based on pelargonic acid with foliar action for the treatment of alleyways and terraces in your garden.

This versatile herbicide is a solution for weed control in your garden without the use of glyphosate. It acts exclusively by contact on the leaves of all floral crops, vegetable crops, fruit crops and also on garden paths, sidewalks and roofs.

It destroys almost all of your weeds very quickly while preserving the environment.

It contains the highest concentration of pelargonic acid on the market, because with 450 ml, you can treat 200 m2, more than twice the surface of herbicides sold for professionals.


On the stone paths and terraces, it does not leave a trace, even if during the treatment a whitish film appears as soon as it dries. This will disappear immediately after the first fine rain. It is best to test the product on a surface that contains resin or marble.


Advantages of the biocontrol weed killer :
- Participates in a "Zero phyto" approach, so it does not enter the calculation of consumption of plant protection products for local authorities (CEPP decree of 26/08/2016).
- Acts by contact destroying the waxy cuticle that covers the stem and leaves.
- Listed on the list of biocontrol products of the DGAL.
- Contains 500 g / L of pelargonic acid
- Effective on trees and shrubs in open ground.
- Usable in the green spaces of the communes and around public buildings.
- Approved for gardens.
- Fast efficiency: Visible effect under 3 hours.
- Allows rapid return of animals to treated surfaces as soon as the product is dry.


Technical characteristics :
- Milky white liquid in aqueous emulsion.
- pH 4 at 20° C


Application rate : 22.5 ml / 0.5 L / 10 m2

Manual :
Shake the bottle before use. Shake the water / product mixture thoroughly in the sprayer before treatment.
Apply the product directly to the leaves and weeds.
For best results, it is best to treat as soon as weeds appear when the outside temperature is between 12° C and 25° C.
Rinse the used material with clean water several times, emptying the rinsing water on an already treated surface.


Precautions for use :
- Do not treat in the presence of dew.
- Avoid spraying too far from the leaf to avoid spreading the weed killer on a nearby plant.
- Read the precautions for use on the label.
- Do not discharge the concentrated product into the environment.
- Respect scrupulously the prescribed doses.


AMM No. 2170243

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