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Filtration station Triplex 9-3/4 Inch - Water Limestone
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Filtration station Triplex 9-3/4 Inch - Water Limestone

Reference - TR-SF-SCAL934

3 complete Filters to treat hard water

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Groundwater treatment plant network and drilling to treat limestone in the pipeline and equipment of the house.

It connects to the inlet of the header tank to the effect to be distributed throughout the home.
The triple filtration helps retain impurities, release of polyphosphate and filter the bad taste of drinking water.

The 3 cartridges of 9 3/4 inches each have a specific role to ensure optimum results.


The first filter coil is 25 microns for all subjects in supension, such as soil, sand, algae, leaves.
It is a cartridge change, once it is saturated so as not to lose pressure.
Then, the container pholyphosphates crystals treated by freeing limestone in water, so as to cover the pipes and water heaters of a film to protect the scale. The crystals melt slowly to the passage of water, so the transparent cartridge allows you to see the level.
Finally, the cartridge carbon block 10 microns, filtration finished holding the bad taste, odors and pesticides.


With 3 assembled filter housings, we provide triple mounting bracket with screws and a mounting key to change its cartridges yourself.


Types of compatible water : well water, domestic mains water, well water.


Product benefits :
- The head and ring of filter holders are approved polypropylene and ACS.
- The inlet and outlet are made of brass.
- The tank is transparent styrene acrylonitrile Certified ACS.


Cartridges included for rainwater :
- 1 impurities wound cartridge 25 micron
- 1 cartridge with polyphosphates
- 1 cartridge coal block 10 microns

Dimensions of cartridges :
Length : 9 3/4 inches = 248 mm



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