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REP-CLAC Game Plus Fish oil - 1 L bottle
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REP-CLAC Game Plus Fish oil - 1 L bottle

Reference - RE-ORE-05007

Special repellent for small game on the edge of a forest

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Repellent based on fish oil to repel rabbits, deer and deer that approach the vine.

It helps prevent rabbit attacks in forest planes or ornamental trees. It can be applied to trunks, terminal buds and foliage.

This product dries within an hour of treatment, leaving a transparent film. This action does not alter photosynthesis. In the event that the plant must develop strongly, it is advisable to repeat the operation.
If we compare this product with TRICO DEER, it is more intended for small deer and rabbits, because it can be applied 4 times a year.


Method of application:
Shake the bottle before use.

For a field: Dilute to 3%.
Treatments for individual plants: dilution at 10% or 1L for 9L of water Direct spraying on forest plants, vines, fruit trees. Maximum number of spray applications: 5
Duration of effectiveness: 2 to 5 weeks depending on plant growth and weather conditions.
NB: do not apply in rainy weather (risk of leaching).

Maximum number of applications:
Sprays: 5
Brushes: 2


Precaution for use:
Keep out of the reach of children.
Keep only in the original packaging.
Fears frost.
Do not store at a temperature below 0° C.


Active ingredients: Fish oil 157g per Liter


Dose: During the vegetation stop 1L / 1L of water for 200 to 300 plants. During the period of growth / Treatment of cultivated surface; 1L / 9L of water
Type of pest: Rabbits, hares, deer, small game ...
Product form: Concentrated liquid
Type of treatment: Preventive treatment, Attack treatment.
Use for: Forest plants, vines, fruit trees, ornamental trees.



APPROVAL AMM N ° 2110009

Use phytosanitary products with caution. Before use, read the label and the product information.

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