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Killa Trap Yellow - Trap olives Flies

Reference - EQ-PIE-03085

Bottle accessory for making an olive fly trap

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Yellow bottle neck adapter for mineral water to make a fly trap of olive trees.

This bottle head allows natural attractants attracted by diammonium phosphate bait diluted in water.
The olive fly is a pest that lays in the fruit causing a decrease in the quality and quantity of olives harvested.
It is necessary to place the traps before the flies can lay eggs in the fruit.
It is an alternative and biological solution to protect its olive production.

KILLA TRAP Yellow can capture insect pests without the use of chemicals. Simply fill the bottle with the preparation.
It is advisable to place the traps as soon as the spring heat arrives, in order to block the reproduction of the flies.
It is suitable for all insects that are attracted by the red color of the fruit.
It is recommended to have at least one bottle per olive tree, ideally
Suspend 4 per tree at the four cardinal points. The bottles are installed
The appearance of the floral clusters, between the end of April and mid-June, they remain in place until mid-October.


Usage tips :
To make your trap, simply retrieve an empty bottle of 1 L or 1.5 L of mineral water.
- Raise the safety seal of the bottle.
- Pour your insect bait preparation inside the bottle, then attach your Killa Trap to the neck.
- Suspend the ecological trap to the tree at a height of 1.50 meters to 2 meters maximum.
- In a tree with many leaves, it is better to place several traps.


We also offer a red adapter against cherry flies.



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