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Glu anti-insects arboriculture Pasty Professional - 1 L
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Glu anti-insects arboriculture Pasty Professional - 1 L

Reference - PV-GLU-01008

Glu pasty to protect trees against insects

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Compact arboreal gland of pasty consistency to trap crawling insect pests in tree crops.

It is an effective ecological insect barrier for 12 weeks.
This glue should be applied to the parts of the trunk avoiding the rise of pests on leaves and fruits.
This is the best solution for insecticide-free mechanical treatment.
It is applied with your hands after being immersed in soapy water or with 5% dishwashing liquid.
There is no loss of product, as the surplus is recovered as and when.


Manual :
- Apply manually after soaking hands in distilled water (about 5%).
- Detach from the pot a ball of glue the size of an apple.
- Form a strip by stretching on both ends, wrap the cord around the trunk (one or
Twice depending on cord section), about 30 - 40 cm from the ground.
- Cut the excess glue by pulling on the cord to exceed the yield strength, return it to
The pot and clap the hands on the band thus laid to reinforce the adhesion of the glue on the bark.
- Apply a strip of 3 to 5 cm wide per tree: indicative, 5L of
RAMPASTOP pasty make it possible to treat about 100 apricot with an average diameter of 15 cm.


Using advice :
- Do not work the floors during the application period to avoid the saturation of the glue by the dust.
- Ensure the absence of tall grasses at the foot of the trunks, which create
Bridges ") allowing crawling insects to access the aerial parts.
- Arboriculture: Ideal for apricot, nectarine, peach or cherry (professionals)
- Amateur gardeners (and orchards amateurs).
- Period of application in arboriculture: 2 to 3 weeks after the end of flowering.
- Period of application against processional caterpillars: end of February - beginning of March according to
Seasonal conditions.


Technical characteristics :
- Non-phytotoxic products.
- Waterproof.
- Container capacity: 1 Kg
- Number of trees with 1 pot: 20 to 25 in the first year, then 30 in the following years
- Duration of action: 8 to 12 weeks

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