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Housing filters 5 - 7 Inch

5 and 7 inch Clear Filter Housings: Optimize Water Filtration


In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring the purity of our water is essential. The 5 and 7 inch filter housings feature transparent bowls, providing specialist filtration solutions for domestic and industrial use. The filters allow the removal of impurities in drinking water in multi-purpose water filtration systems, in the home or in a motorhome.


Why use 5 or 7 inch transparent filtration?

The filter head's inlet and outlet openings are sized at 20/27, 26/34, or 1/4 inch, depending on whether you are installing a filtration station or aquarium reverse osmosis system. Compatible cartridges are made in France, and accompanied by a health safety certificate. For improved filtration power, it is possible to connect several devices using a plastic male-male connector, adapted to the required diameter. These enclosures strictly meet the highest quality standards, capable of withstanding pressures up to 7 bars.
It is recommended in small spaces, such as a camper van to filter drinking water for the whole family.


Customized filtration for motorhomes and washing machines

Discover our range of water filter boxes dedicated to motorhomes and washing machines. This ensures that your devices receive the purest water, preventing damage from impurities.


Within the collection of 5 and 7 inch filter media, fitted with transparent reservoirs, there is the possibility of carrying out specific filtration for domestic and industrial use. These devices are deployed to remove impurities present in drinking water, or adjust the chlorine level according to individual needs.

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