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MULO'CLAC Bromadiolone cereals - Mulots - voles 150 g
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MULO'CLAC Bromadiolone cereals - Mulots - voles 150 g

Reference - RD-BRD-60007

Raticide effective against field mice

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Appetizer based brodifacoum ready to use and very attractive to fight against field mice and voles.

It is intended for general consumer and non-specialist use in the removal of rodent pests.
the blue granules in 25 g bag are to be deposited in secure boxes to install them at the entrance of a hole, in a gallery or on the passage of mice or voles.
The powerful and anti-coagulant rodenticide is intended for use inside or outside your home.
Rodents will die a few days after ingestion, thus avoiding any mistrust of members of the same colony.
No risk of germination contrary to standard wheat.
It is specially designed for use in a humid environment and around the house.
The addition of a bittering agent to rat poison reduces the risk of consumption by humans.


Registered name: FANGA B + SUPREME
N ° AMM: FR-2016-0019
Product intended for use by the general public and non-specialist rodent control professionals.
Composition: Rodenticidal cereal containing 0.01 g Brodifacoum and 0.01 g of bittering agent


Use biocidal products with care. Before use, read the label and product information.


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