» » » » » Triple complete water treatment station Canal de Provence + UV 3000L/H
Triple complete water treatment station Canal de Provence + UV 3000L/H
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Triple complete water treatment station Canal de Provence + UV 3000L/H

Reference - TRF-CANAL12

Filtration of the Provence canal for a home of 4 people

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Triple Filtration to Purify the Water of the Canal de Provence Directly to Your Home.


If you are looking for a solution to purify the water of the Canal de Provence at home, for a family of 4 people or more, choose triple Filtration with UV for 3000 L/H. This innovation combines three stages of purification to effectively treat water coming from the Canal de Provence.


The first stage of filtration relies on our 60 micron washable cartridge. Designed to retain 60 micron impurities present in canal water, this cartridge guarantees clear water, free of the largest particles. Made of nylon and polypropylene, this cartridge is washable and reusable, ensuring easy maintenance and extended life. It ensures optimal filtration without loss of pressure, effectively removing sediment, sludge, sand and leaves.


The second stage of filtration consists of retaining impurities greater than 10 microns with the coil cartridge. This cartridge uses the winding principle for precise and efficient filtration of fine particles. Thanks to an expert combination of polypropylene and cross-fibers, it retains impurities down to 10 microns, providing water of exceptional purity. Enjoy uniform filtration over the entire surface of the cartridge, blocking both the largest particles and the finest.


Finally, the third step, for perfect taste and smell, is our activated carbon treatment. Our 10 micron activated carbon cartridge eliminates pollutants and enhances the taste quality of your water. Made from high quality activated carbon, this compact cartridge retains unwanted compounds such as chemicals and pesticides, while preserving the natural properties of the water.


Water disinfection

The 3000 L/H UV sterilizer is the ultimate solution for disinfecting the water of the Canal de Provence. It eliminates bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms using ultraviolet radiation (UV-C), which destroys the DNA of these microorganisms, rendering them inactive and unable to reproduce.


Main advantages of the Canal de Provence water purification station:

High Efficiency: The 12 GPM UV sterilizer removes up to 99.99% of aerobic bacteria, viruses and protozoa found in water.

Ease of Use: Simple installation and hassle-free use, just connect it after your filtration system. Works 24 hours a day to disinfect water.

Reduced Maintenance: The bulb should be replaced annually.


The 5 Main Benefits of Our Triple Filtration System:

  1. Ultimate Water Purity: Traps impurities down to 10 microns, ensuring crystal clear, pure water.
  2. Contaminant Protection: Kills unwanted bacteria and viruses, providing safe, healthy water for your family.
  3. Reusable and Durable: Washable cartridges can be cleaned and reused easily, providing an extended lifespan.
  4. Ease of use: Installation at the water supply of the house for immediate pure water.
  5. Versatility: Also suitable for other water sources such as wells and rain, meeting all your filtration needs.


Invest in your well-being and that of your family by opting for our Triple Filtration system. Get pure water, free of impurities and pollutants, straight to your home. Enjoy the comfort of premium water, perfect for everyday drinking and garden watering. Make the choice of excellence and treat yourself to water of unequaled purity thanks to our Triple Filtration solution.



Diameter IN/OUT3/4 Pouce Insert + Event laiton                  
Length filtration400 mm                     
Height filtration600 mm                    
depth filtration140 mm                     
Composition têtePolypropylène
Composition cuvePolypropylène
Flow maxi3000 L/H
Temperature maxi50 °C
Pressure maxi8 bar
CertificationsNSF - ACS (Filtres - cartouches)


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