» » » RATU'CLAC Mouse Paste - Rats Reinforced formula 150 g
RATU'CLAC Mouse Paste - Rats Reinforced formula 150 g
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RATU'CLAC Mouse Paste - Rats Reinforced formula 150 g

Reference - RD-BRD-22001

Raticide resistant species with shock effect

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RATU'CLAC PASTE Rats - Mouse : 15 bags


Embroidery-based paste sachets to target rats and house mice around the house.

This rodenticide is intended for the general public and non-specialist professionals in the fight against rodents. Its action is strengthened to act quickly on resistant species.
It is advisable to use gloves to handle the bags of dough by placing them in the boxes of secure bait. Place the baits on places frequented by rodents, such as under the tiles in the attic or in front of a ventilation in your basement.

The lightning rodenticide causes death in one take.

The "greasy" aspect holds in time even at low temperature. The presence of bitterness makes it possible to limit the accidental taking of the poison paste by a domestic animal or man.


How to use :
- Place the tamper-proof bait stations at the crossing points.
- Put the dose of sachets according to the type of rodent: 2 to 3 sachets for mice or 3 to 6 sachets for rats.
- Place the boxes every 5 meters in case of serious infestation or 8 to 10 meters for normal treatment.

Check regularly every 2 weeks for the secure boxes, being careful to replace the bags that have been opened by rodents.
If you find that the sachets are not affected, it is that rat extermination is over.
It is advisable not to exceed 8 consecutive weeks of treatment.


Composition :
Fresh rodenticide paste containing 0.01 g of Brofifacoum and 0.05 g of bittering agent.


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